Dear friends and Boxer fans, welcome to the website of our kennel.

The kennel OPTIMA GRATA was founded in 1998 when Václav Novotný joined the breeding work of his father. It was based on kennels „z Cakle“ of Vladimir Novotny and „Sili-tue“ of his brother Ing. Jaromir Novotny. This means that the kennel OPTIMA GRATA has the advantage of 41 years of breeding tradition and experience.

The conception of our breeding
With a new kennel name came new dogs to our breeding, truly in a new European style. We did more than 40 foreign breedings with very carefuly chosen studs from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Italy and Spain, followed by a strict selection having as a main goal production of dogs balanced in type, coming from full faultless litters, strong bones, correct anatomy, heads with wide spacious nose, excellent balanced characted and last but not least good health. In our breedings we pay attention even to those health aspects that are not compulsory in the Czech breeder´s club. Thanks to this conception we managed to breed a large number of very high and some even outstanding quality specimen, which contributed to the fact that the kennel OPTIMA GRATA is one of the elite Czech kennels and its offspring are very much used for breeding not only in Czech republic, but also abroad. As said before, for the breeding pairs we choose stud dogs with anticipated or proven high breeding potential, coming from well-thought-of breedings, not only based on the achieved titles and show results.

The essence of our breeding
The foundation of our breedings were two bitches, litter sisters Olivia and Ofelia Sili-tue, daughters of the legendary and outstanding stud dog Plat v.d. Hazenberg, linebred to Jerome v.d. Hazenberg. Almost all our later breedings were the offspring of these above mentioned sisters in different generations.

Very important impact on our current breeding has a stud dog Casanova Optima Grata and his sister Constans Optima Grata, which were the basis of our two main bloodlines and of all our current breedings. Casanova is especially represented by his granddaughters, litter sisters Venizie and Veggie z Kaštýlku. Constans continues her line through her daughter Anthea Optima Grata and grandson Valentino Optima Grata. By combining both bloodlines in a different generation degree we keep the continuity of the line, type and also outstanding character of our Boxers.

Facilities for breeding
Our Boxers are bred in a specially designed rooms, where a high standard for the mother and the puppies is always guaranteed. When breeding, we specially care about a healthy and natural development of the puppies and their socialization in a family surrounding. Oustanding breeders´ service and help to the non experienced breeders is an obviousity. Our adult dogs have a large garden where they are allowed to get a lot of natural movement with a chance of a refreshment in a river which is a part of our property.

In our breeding, showing and training we closely cooperate with a number of foreign and also Czech breeders, handlers and trainers, of which we are sure about their high professionalism, experience and friendly living with the Boxers.

To anyone interested...
We wish you a nice visit to our website. If you get interested in our Boxers, we are ready for a closer contact, more information, or showing our dogs to you. We believe we are able to satisfy everyone interested, the professionals and also those that only want their Boxer as their house companion.

Vaclav Novotny